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September 20, 2017 - No Comments!

Film AZF

Time(s): 12pm - 7pm, Saturday, September 23rd.

You might have seen some of these at Ciné Murmur and now we're showing some of our best at AZF.

Ace McColl "Soma/tics"

A visceral exploration of conceived body image expectations.

House of June "Levitate, Levitate, Levitate"

Once upon a time, in West End Atlanta, time stood still and four indigos gleamed. Cloaks of shimmer adorned their skin and tresses. On this night, leaving the family hosting them, they embarked on numinous travel for their next departure into cosmic.

Kris Woolford "#ATLisReady"

This film provides an insider look at local Atlanta based activists unifying to counter protest a pro-White Supremacy rally that took place at Stone Mountain park in GA on April 23 2016. The myth that activists blindly march and cause a ruckus with no direction, intention, or strategy is challenged. The title of the film, #ATLisReady, borrows its name from a coalition building collective of student activists, community organizers and leaders working to amplify black voices, and those of other marginalized groups in Atlanta in this moment of local and national resistance to White Supremacy.

Aloysious Harmon "Permanent Daylight"

It's about cherishing your time on earth.

Benjamin Baxter "Peace Corps"

Everyone shouting over each other to be heard in the conversation. What do you listen to?

Lanese Love "Blank Spaces"

BLANK SPACES explores the boundaries of senses with disorienting sounds and hypnotic visuals. The audio visual peice challenges the social norms of gender and sexual attraction by stripping humans of all social constructs.


Total run time of 45 minutes on this schedule:

12:45 - 1:25
1:30 - 2:10
2:15 - 2:55
3:00 - 3:40
3:45 - 4:25
4:30 - 5:10

Event Timeslots (2)

Murmur Downstairs
Short Films from Murmur collaborators (45m loops)

Murmur Downstairs
Short Films from Murmur collaborators (45m loops)

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